About Us

Tarbha is an Old NAC constituted in the year 1967 with Govt. Notification No. 1766/ HUD Dt. 31.10.1967 covering an area of 12.95 Sq. K.M. This NAC consists of 3 Revenue Village i.e. Tarbha, Antarda & Fatamunda having the population of above 10000 consisting 12 Wards as well as Block Head Quarter of 18 G.Ps. This town is situated by the side of N.H. No. 57 and at a distance of 30 K.M. from District Head Quarter Subarnapur and 20 K.M. from another District Head Quarter Bolangir. Tarbha Town has its historical importance for Metal Arts & Crafts and Business Centre of the locality as well as this town is enriched with Cultural Heritage. Tarbha is a sacred place for Muslims, however the majorities are Hindus. Tarbha is one of the few places in India where Hindus and Muslims enjoys all festivals together irrespective of religion. All the people are in harmony with each other All festivals were celebrated in a grand way. The Tarbha Rath Yatra is very important in this locality. Celebrants pull the chariot of Sri Jagannath from Rathapara to Durgamandap. Rice is the main component of the diet. Tarbha people are also famous for its few type of snack called Chaka Pitha (made of rice and Potato with several spices) and Chaul Bara (Rice Pakoda). The recipe of Chaul Bara is spread to many places but Chaka Pitha is the uniqueness of Tarbha till now